Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eating & Sleeping

I have to brag! The little boy that lives in our house slept for SEVEN hours before he woke up to eat. His dad and I were so happy! We are just going to pray that he keeps it up! We're also working on our feeding schedule throughout the day. We used to have a very structured schedule but then he decided he wanted to eat every 2 hours and our schedule went out the window but the last two days he's been going longer between feedings and today he went 4 hours between each feeding but we've gone from 4 ounces to 5-6 so we're up to the big bottles now. That makes me a little sad - big boys use big bottles! Time is flying way too fast! On another note, this little boy is starting to fight his sleep big time! If he happens to doze off on accident, it's only for a minute or two before he springs awake and starts crying. He'll only go to sleep if mommy rocks him and he hasn't been sleeping a lot during the day lately. At most, we have 1 two to three hour nap & he's awake the rest of the day. He's sleepy enough to sleep more but I think he's afraid he's going to miss something! He's starting to stick his tongue out some & is really putting his hands in his mouth (not just when he's hungry anymore) and starting to rub his eyes when he's sleepy.

YouTube Video

He's growing up so fast!!!

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