Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Gift of Diapers from the Stork

A friend of mine's baby shower was today. This is her second child (she's having a girl and she has a 3 year old little boy) so it was a small shower. I bought her a few outfits but I also wanted to do something else that had a "personal touch" to it. I saw a picture on Pinterest the other day of a diaper gift. It was so adorable I decided to try to make one myself. Here it is...

It a receiving blanket and about 20 diapers (I used size 1s) that I rolled up and rubber banded. I layed them out on the blanket and then pulled it up and rubber banded the top of the blanket. I just continued to put diapers inside until it started to take shape. I took two ribbons and made a bow (just a regular bow) and tied it around the top. I used cardstock and my Silhouette machine to cut out all of the parts of the stork and then just glued everything together with a glue stick. There is nothing "permanent" so it can all be taken apart and be used! All in all, it was a easy gift to put together and a hit at the shower - I think I'll be making them from now on!

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