Thursday, July 14, 2011

Forest Animal Nursery

D and I wanted nursery bedding that we both liked, but that not every person we know had. Most of our friends have girls and the ones that have boys have done Western themes and I knew for sure that I didn't want that. We originally chose a camping theme (no camo), but it was really hard to find bedding and/or fabric that I liked, so we quickly changed and decided on Forest Animals.
We picked "Tree Top" by Carter's. We both really like it and I love that they are more neutral/Earth tone colors. It goes with the rest of the house and the guest bathroom which is right next to his room.

Darren still has to put this glider together, but we found one that would match pretty much any bedding and the wood is the same color stain as the rest of his furniture.
I think I'm going to take the pillow from the glider and put it in Denver's crib (not to use, just for looks while not in use), and then I bought a little throw pillow for the glider.

This is also made by Carter's but it actually goes to another bedding set. I thought it would be adorable in the glider though.
I asked D's mom to make Denver a blanket, like this one that I could throw over the back of the glider when we weren't using. The cream side is swirled and I asked that she embroider his name on the brown side. I can't wait to see it finished!
I ordered this frame off of a month or so ago. I'm planning on putting our first family picture in there. It has the colors and animals from his nursery, but I liked the blue background in case anyone bought him anything that was blue. I thought it would be easier to tie in and it's SO hard finding any trinkets for a boys' room that aren't blue!
I can't wait to make more progress in his room, and really start seeing it come together!


Designgirl1977 said...

I love this! Very cute!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

We chose the same theme for our grandson's nursery - combing Carter's Treetop Friends & Forest Friends themes, we knew that we wanted an outdoor theme (sorry honey, no camo-lol) with animals. We are just starting to put things together while we await the arrival of our grandson. yes, grandparents have nurseries too - but we do not use all of e items. Your nursery is beautiful!